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Learn DrDom's 


"2 Move Swing!


Load The Bow

Send The Arrow! 

(See DVD #1)







Fat Shots 

Thin Shots 

& "Whiffs!" 


Also Applies To 


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Move 1 -- Load The Bow 

(Hands "Flap Back" Parallel & "HINGE UP")

Move 2 --  Send The Arrow 

("Parallel Around  & Through") 

Be Alert For Swing Secrets: 

1. Hogan's Arched Grip  "45" Diagonals 


2. Lead Shoulder/ Back Wrist 45 Set   

Fellow Golfers:

To Paraphrase Mr. Hogan: 

No one is born with a 

good golf swing.  

It has to be learned, refined 

and developed!


 Having Said This:


The Geometric Root of Swing 

can be traced and defined by the basic structure of a 

-- "CUBE!" -- 

But like a good grip, "knowing this" is not nearly enough to produce a

Consistent Quality Swing. 

Research confirms such skill emerges when players understand 


that tap our potential for 


That's what an effective swing is all about and "Healthy Golf" reduces it all to a 

Nucleus "6" Essentials 

"4" Foundations & "2" Parallel Moves!

Move 1: Load the Bow ........ Parallel "Straight Back"

Move 2: Send the Arrow ........ Parallel "Straight Through"

Research Confirms This Is Likely To Be:

The Only Principle That Works

-- "Driver to Putter" --

"Time and Time Again!"

KEY QUESTION:  Where Does Golf Nucleus Come From?

ANSWER:  "The Anatomy & Geometry Of Our Body!"

Healthy Golf Nucleus 

Derives From Our Natural Anatomical DNA Root! 

In fact, prior to the discovery of "Hogan's Cube" little did we know all entities 

-- inclusive of the DNA Helix-- 

appear "cubic" in origin! 

Understanding this DrDom identifies

 "6 Essentials" 

to energize, mobilize and perform all mechanics, dynamics and planes needed 

for every shot in golf

-- Driver To Putter! -- 

Given The Archery Method

 -- "2 Move Swing" --

golf can become an ever-increasing source of enjoyment regardless of 

Age, Gender or Body Type! 

Back Strain & Muscle Ailments also disappear as the 

Natural Mechanics & Dynamics Of Our Body 

Produce Swings That Repeat Effortlessly.

Move 1 -- "LOAD THE BOW"

Parallel Back To The Top Of Swing


Being Alert To Ensure The Occurrence Of The


Move 2 -- "SEND THE ARROW"

Parallel Through To A Sky High Finish!

See DrDom's "Master Videos" Of Ben Hogan In


"Holes 13 and 14".

Surely, as the Healthy Golf "6 Essentials" gains increasing interest 

it is likely to Advance Instruction with 

Fewer Injuries & Lower Scores. 

Having said this, allow me to support the view that when it comes to 

Personal Improvement, 

be you a Beginner, Tour Champion or Experienced Teacher of Golf,
"There is always more to learn and fine tune 

for continuing best results!"



Research Confirms:

Swing Performance Is Defined By 

The Basic Structure Of A 


 As Such Research Confirms:

** As St Andrews is the home of golf,

the "CUBE" is home of the swing! 



-- Archery Method --

The "6 Essentials" For Consistent Reliable Play

"Driver to Putter!"

For Full Demonstration 

See DrDom's Online DVDs

Holes 10 - 11 - 12


A. Establish Your "4" Foundations:

1. Front Shoulder Square To Target Line

2. Front Foot "Open @ 30" & 

Back Hip Pitched "Forward @ 15!"

3. Unified Grip ( See Hogan's Secret!)

4. Back Arm & Shoulder "RUDDER!"  


B. Apply Your 2 Parallel Moves:

Move 1-- Load the Bow ...

Flap Back Parallel & "Hinge Up" To Top of Swing

Move 2-- Send the Arrow ...

Parallel "Straight Through" To A Natural Finish




Special Details For Best Performance

To Enhance Knowledge & Understanding,

Kindly See DrDom's 




C. "Two Basic Patterns Of Swing Movement"

Golf Swings Can Be Differentiated According To 

Patterns Of Body Movement. 

Two Patterns Of Movement May Be Observed:

1. Carousel Pattern: "Around & Around"



2. Ferris Wheel Pattern: "Up & Down"


Successful golf swings exhibit  

Both Patterns 

-- via the sensation -- 

"Ferris Parallel Back 


Carousel Parallel Through!" 

(See GOLF WINDOW -- 13th Hole)

D. Given the natural structure and mechanics that define our anatomy, 

"4" Levers Represent The 

Primary Source Of Power In Golf. 


1st Power Lever = Hip Line

2nd Lever = Chest To Shoulders  

3rd Lever = Lead & Back Arms (A & B)

4th Lever = Hands To End Of Club


E. Six Additional Swing Variables: "BB--CC--SS"


B-2...Ball Position

C-1...Club Angle At Address

C-2...Club Angle While In Motion

S-1...Stance & Posture At Address

S-2...Swing Plane Options


F. Allow Your Body To Use "Inherent Cubic Guidelines!"

Even as the Healthy Golf Cubic Matrix can detail the swing as never before, 

it would be a mistake to force or mimic its Geometric Guidelines! 

Cubic Spiral Mechanics, Dynamics & Planes 

are "natural to the flow of the body" and 

one need only apply DrDom's "6 Essentials" for the swing to repeat as it should! 

For Targeted Practical Help Be Sure To See DrDom's DVD Material &


G. Torsion-Leverage: The "Perfect 10" In Every Player!


As reported in a "Bi-Axis Golf Video" 

reviewed by Mr. Hogan (1991), 

Healthy Golf 

reflects a Power-Accuracy "Perfect 10" 

through which our body naturally integrates:

4 Power Levers

3 Power Pivots 

2 Power Axes & 

1 "Pivotal Shift"

As one might expect, all of the above are governed by 

Cubic Laws that define a Power Matrix 

through which any of us can produce a 

Reliable Power Swing! 

In saying this study confirms the "6 Essentials" of Healthy Golf 

-- that operate successfully -- 

regardless of player age, gender or body type!

*Researchers In Genetics & General Sciences


It is Dr. Esposito's Hypothesis that 

"Cubic Spiral Progression" 

found in Golf and Sports generally, 

represents the underlying 

Geometric Foundation of the DNA Helix 

reported by Nobel Laureates Watson & Crick. 


As an important addendum to this fact, 

in the latter stage of life Dr. Einstein studied the relevance of 


in pursuit of a Unified Field Theory of Nature. 

For research collaboration validating the Cubic Model In 

Organic Chemistry, Micro--Biology, AstroPhysics, Medicine, 

Other Sports & Sciences Generally, 

Email: DrsGolf@aol.com 

-- Thank You --


H. How To Form A "Square Grip" & 

Unified Swing Triangle -- "Power Harness'


With your Upper Arms & Shoulder Joints in Natural Position at Address, 

the Top Hand cradles the club within its Back Three Fingers & Palm. 

The Lower Hand cradles within its Two Middle Fingers. 

To Finish Your Grip close your hands such that your Thumbs 

fold in natural position, Lower Hand On Top @ 45! 

(See MORE Menu #4) 

Please Note: 

The feel of "fixed-jointness" 

--referenced by Mr. Hogan-- 

should associate your Hands, Wrists & Forearms! 

Of critical importance to a successful grip 

the Ulnar Muscles of the Forearms 

must be pre-set toward each other

"Clock -- Counter Clock!" 

The kinetics achieved here 

-- "C-Links" -- 

dramatically help unify your Arms & Shoulders 

so your Swing Triangle -- Power Harness 

can operate as an effective & dynamic 

"One Piece Unit Start to Finish!" 

For Full  Illustration, Kindly See 


[ Pages 58 &59 ]   


I. "Ball Position" ...Integrates At Your Hip and 

Inside Your Lead Shoulder 

"Radius Motor!"


Golf Nucleus explains ball position in terms of the 

"Radius Motor" you are using to start your swing and 

not simply in terms of the feet or length of club! 

Given this for Standard Tee Shots the ball appears 

Parallel-Square Inside the Lead Shoulder & Front Hip; 

Knees Flexed & Lead Foot Open 30 Degrees!


In gaining experience with the Golf Nucleus Radius Motor 

players discover that the feet need not be parallel for all shots! 

(See DVD #1 & Hogan Page 125!)

It is the parallel position of the "Radius Motor & Back Hip" that prove paramount! 

Hence, players are encouraged to adjust Body Alignment as needed to deal with course contours and 

rely on Natural Balance as the course allows. 

Given this, players decide "Which Radius Motor" best applies to the situation at hand!

Healthy Golf attaches critical significance to our 

4 Address Foundations and 

relies on our inherent 

Cubic Architecture 

to "automate" all Mechanics, Dynamics & Planes 

needed for a swing to perform as it should!


Given the inherent power of this new


Rhythm & Timing Accrue Naturally 

without the need for excessive practice or special aides 

to produce reliable swing results!


Nevertheless, appreciating the range of 

Physical & Psychological Variables

as may affect performance, 

none of us may ever know with full certainty 

all factors operating during a round of play. 

Surely, this observation applies to all of golf: 

Full Swing, Short Game, Sand Play & Putting, 

especially when performing under pressure.


J. How To Start & Complete Your Backswing.


Beginning with your Shoulder Radius Motor, Arm & Hand 

Working In Unison with your Hips, 

"Takeaway Parallel Back" 

without lifting the club with either Hand or Wrist! 

Research verifies that the coil of the body proceeds naturally 

without the occurrence of

Outside or "Over the Top"; 

Lower Body Sway; Reverse Pivoting or

 other swing flaws commonly observed. 

In short: 

The Healthy Golf Backswing Originates From Your 

"Hands, Arms, Shoulders & Hips" 

Turning Around As "One Piece" Straight Back To The Top Of Swing! 

( See BEN HOGAN in the GOLF WINDOW & DVD # 1 )




During This Opening Takeaway

 Be sure to introduce the reverse action of



K. How To Start & Complete Your Downswing.


In natural response to Backswing Events, the Lower Body 

-- "From The Feet Up" -- 

transitions Center of Mass Parallel Forward before the Backswing completes! 

Given this natural dynamic, golfers continue forward through impact 

via the Lead Hip & Back Shoulder "Rudder" Parallel Through!  

Please Note. 

The Complete Upper & Lower Body work in unison 

"Parallel Through" 

to a natural standing finish! 


There should be "no" voluntary reaching out of the 

hands, hips or shoulders to the ball and



(-- See Mr. Hogan in GOLF WINDOW! -- ) 


L. "Don't Forget To Putt!"


For players generally, it comes as quite a surprise that 

during the Takeaway & Impact phases of the swing 

the clubface relates to the ball exactly as would a "Putt!" 

In fact, the entire full swing can be viewed as no more than an 

"Extended Putt" 

with all mechanics, dynamics and planes of body and club 

performing in natural response! 

Slow-Mo Frame by Frame Video confirms this observation and 

players who adopt this Basic Swing Principle 

report "more reliable swing results" for all 18 Holes of play! 

In short, when using the Healthy Golf Nucleus Swing:

Load the Bow -- Send the Arrow &

"Don't Forget To Putt!"

To support the success of this approach, 

it is frequently observed that players who formerly played 

"High 90's+" 

drop to the "Low 80's & High 70's" 

sooner than ever expected and often in less than one season. 

Needless to say, former hooks, slices, pushes, pulls and all other swing mishaps 

tend to vanish when the Nucleus "6 Essentials & Hidden Mechanics" 

become your Method of Play! 

See Written Testimonials Below. ...All Testimonials Are True and 

reflect performance ease, improved scoring and 

a genuine sense of confidence when players adopt the 

"6 Essentials & Hogan "Twist" Hidden Mechanic!" 


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Healthy Golf Nucleus


Step By Step Summary

For Full Demonstration  

-- SEE -- 



With Your Head Up & Chest Parallel, Integrate Your

"4 Foundations" & Apply Your "2" Parallel Moves:


( Be Certain To Pre-Set Both "C-Links" )





4 Foundations:

1. Establish Your Target Line;

2. Set Your Upper Arms & Shoulders Parallel;

3. Assume A Unified 45 Grip; &

4. Set Your Upper Back Side. 

(Use The Hogan "Waggle" & Integrate For Full Readiness)


2 Parallel Moves

Motor 1 -- Takeaway "Parallel Back" To The Top of Swing

"Load the Bow" -- Using Lead Hand-Arm & Shoulder Radius Motor.

Be Cognizant Of Your Back Hand & Wrist Action For 

"Hogan's TWIST!"


Motor 2: Return "Parallel Through" To The Finish!

"Send the Arrow" -- Using Your Inside Lead Foot, Leg, 

Hip & Back Shoulder Girdle -- The Swing "RUDDER!"


In Short:

"6 Essentials In Less Than 6 Seconds!"


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"How To Fix Your Swing!"


It is now my pleasure to close this Manual 

-- The Only Way I Know How --

"Have Fun In Golf" & 

 Keep Your Swing Healthy!

-- DrDom --