13. A -- SPECIAL VIDEOS/ Tiger 1 Of "MANY!

Here we have Tiger --"in the woods"-- playing what looks like a "Miracle Shot!" I post this because it demo's the concentration Tiger "ALWAYS" brings to the Course! ...Certainly, the swing contains all the "right stuff" and Tiger plays it "far better" than most! ...We can learn a great deal from this video even though it's "not exactly" what we should try at home! ...Also, Tree is a reminder: SENDING IMPACT "STRAIGHT THRU " works better than Swinging "Left!" -- Thank You "CBS Sports" For The Footage!

B. "Young Tiger Woods" / The Ellen Show

"Tiger @ His Best"-- "NO HOOK & NO SLICE!" On a more serious note, observe how ERECT Tiger stands at Address.

 Research clearly indicates that the angle of a Golfer's "Back" should pitch not greater than "15" Degrees! ...Observe

 the same up right position in Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus or any Major Champion! In short, stand up & don't "hunch!"

 ...You'll find that being erect permits your body to turn quite easily providing natural Freedom of Flow & Powerful 


C. Hogan 1967 Masters -- The Last Hurrah!

Here we have footage deemed "sacred" by students of Mr. Hogan. In the 3rd round of the '67 Masters Mr. Hogan signed his Card with a "66!" -- "Fantastic" for a man with a bad left shoulder; falling eyes; and legs bandaged to his hips! ...How fortunate we are to have this unique footage and remember Mr. Clem Darracott, a 41-y/o Freight Salesman for quality commentary! -- In Foreground See: KEN VENTURI & Claude Harmon III @16!  -- **See Special "E--PLANE" in Mini-Article 84!

D. Jack's Montage --"Perfect Slo-Mo Swings!"

 When first learning golf I studied every detail of Golf My Way until I wore out the tape! Hopefully, you'll find yourself doing the same! ...Not appreciated at the time, Jack's achieving Hogan's Twist as the Takeaway proceeds! Therefore, the "Reverse Back Forearm" is completely hidden from view. ...In short, Jack reverses "UP" and never achieves Hogan's "Side Square" Top of Swing! -- "PROOF" there's more than one way! -- Jack's "GOLF MY WAY!" 


E. Jack's Personal Preferences


                         THE "BEST PLAYERS!"


            "Thank You" For The Presentation 

               Jack, Dave Marr & Golf Chanel! 

F. Van de Velde/ British Open/ 1999 --"OMG!"

Aside from providing great feel of  Carnoustie's 18th at the British Open Championship,

this video documents the pain and ultimate fail in golf when your mental "lights go out!" 

... MAY THIS NEVER HAPPEN TO YOU!  ...Nevertheless, it keeps Jean Van de Velde 

in the history books forever. -- Oh Yes, ... Australian Craig Parry Holes The Bunker Shot!

G. "Sir" Charles Barkley -- #1

 NO MATTER What Your Swing Looks Like, your "love" of golf can't be "#1".  ...This rank is reserved for "Sir" 

Charles Barkley! - Unfortunately, he is a perfect example of how a BIG MAN & GREAT ATHLETE can get 

so little out of classic instruction! -- Wish I could have Sir Charles for "Few Minutes" so he could see how

 "HOGAN'S TWIST" automates mechanics for a Downswing that repeats "successfully!" -- Sir  Charles: 

 Please CONTACT ME Via 18th Hole! -- Your Swing Can Be Fixed In No Time! -- PROMISE!

H. This Video With "TIN CUP" Is "SPOOKIE!"

Fun Movie "TIN CUP" shows us what "LOSING IT" means on a Golf Course! -- ...By the way, the set of Irons he "snaps"

      (Nicklaus VIP's) is the same set given to "RALPH KINER" when this Baseball Hall of Famer took lessons with me. 

-- Ralph's "BAD BACK" ended his career. After learning his "swing mistake" he said: "Where Were You 30 Years Ago!

--Anyway, "GREAT CLUBS" for a "GREAT GUY!" --"Look Him Up On YouTube!"-- TRUE "SLUGGER" STAR! -- I Miss Him!

I. "CHAMPION" on "4 LEGS!"

Sometimes "privilege" comes your way and you witness history in the making. 

-- "Secretariat" -- 1973, is one such moment in time. 

The only thing more thrilling than the race was being a spectator watching in disbelieve! 

Posting this video is a bit unusual but, "Secretariat For A Mile & A Half in '2:24' -- Is Well Worth The Trip!" -- ENJOY!

J. Tiger Making The "Nike Shot!"

 Arguably the most "MEMORABLE" of all shots played by Tiger when he was virtually unbeatable!  

It came in the 2005 Masters and was needed to win his "4th" Green Jacket! -- If you listen very closely, 

you can still hear cheering from the folks at "NIKE!" / When Your Hot You're  Hot / But it also takes lots 

of Skill & "Big Talent!"/ Thank CBS Sports, Especially Lanny Wadkins, & Verne Lundquist for making the Call!

K. Know Your Golf History /US Open: "1913"

Can you ever imagine a fairy tale in which a 

               "Golf Caddie / Salesmen" 

                             enters the 

                  "United States Open"

                             and then 


                    against the likes of: 

               Harry Vardon & Ted Ray!


           " Still Impossible To Believe! 

L. **Francis Quimet: Great Career

One of the true "Great Moments" In The Game. ..."Enjoy!"

M. Eddie Lowery "Great Career"

Quimet's 10 y/o Caddie.--  "What A Fabulous Career!"

N. "Suit, Tie & Old Hickory!"

If you get a chance, swing an Old Hickory Club and relive the feel of yesteryear! 

I had the good fortune to play Ridgewood CC, NJ, -- Tillinghast Design -- dressed in full regalia and enjoy the company of 

"STEVE SCOTT"-- now Pro, Paramont CC.  / RIDGEWOOD  is where a young Byron Nelson once served as Head Pro! 

Much enjoyed hitting the old ball with the Hickories! -- All day long was thinking of Vardon, Quimet & Bobby Jones! 

-- Jordan Speith & I can assure you:  "THESE MEN  WERE "GOOD!"

O. "HEAVE HO" -- Paul Casey!

 Here we have the "Mighty Max" best throw on TOUR! ... "ALTERNATE METHOD" when not sure of your clubs!

         -- How Long Was The Paul Casey Heave?? -- Notice the other guys didn't try to compete!

                                                              "MLB" TAKE SPECIAL NOTE! 

                                           -- PRO GOLFERS HAVE "BIG HIDDEN TALENT!" --- "ENJOY!"

P. The Game Of Many Challenges!

Everyone faces challenging shots in golf. "Preparation" usually takes care of them. But there are other challenges 

-- "demons within" -- that can stop us in our tracks and block best play! -- This is when we need to become our own 

"Bagger Vance" and remember that it's only a game and not a test of our true worth! 

"Play On" says Old Hardy. ...

Play on for the moments yet to come; looking for my place in the field.  

-- "Great Golf Movie & Life Lesson!"

Q. Ken Venturi -- U.S. OPEN CHAMPION

Ken Venturi -- a very special man -- thought well of Healthy Golf Research very early on and called his friend Ben Hogan to have a look! -- That tells you why the later discoveries of "Hogan's Cube,  Golf Window, Hogan's 45 Diagonal & 45 "Twist" are Dedicated To Ken. -- I miss him and well remember his 17 Years in the CBS booth with Jim Nantz, another very special guy. 

Enjoy This Special Tribute to Mr. Venturi.

R. Tiger Warm-Up Routine

Not shown is Tiger's Warm-Up Routine "before" he gets to the Course -- exercise, food, drink and all else.

Nevertheless, ... Enjoy This Part Of The Tiger Process/Method. ..."IT WORKS!"


This compilation will forever assist those seeking to decipher the nuts and bolts of Mr. Hogan's Pre-Shot Routine. 

See If You Can Figure It Out --Particularly the TOTAL BODY MOVE "FORWARD" immediately before the  

Takeaway "TURNS BACK!"  -- Kindly use our 19th Hole to drop me a line with your conclusions! 

-- "Thank You!" -- DrDom

T. Tribute To Seve Ballesteros

Aside from Seve's pleasant nature -- off the course --  here we get the great feel of what its like to be in the gallery

of the oldest Major Championship -- The Open. ... ENJOY The MAN & THESE WONDERFUL MOMENTS!