[#2.] "HOGAN's CUBE" - 1995 / "CLICK PIC" For Video!

DrDom's "LOAD the BOW"/ Formulated Using Page 45, FIVE LESSONS



                                  "HIDDEN IN ALL OF US!"

Introduced to Ben Hogan during early development via the new swing principle of "Perpendicular Interdependence" and later appearing in the Healthy Golf DVD Series, 

DrDom's discovery of Hogan's Cube (1995) illuminates the Cubic Architecture rooted in our genetics at birth! -- A breakthrough made possible via the formal study of Ben Hogan and brilliant illustrations of Anthony Ravielli in the FIVE LESSONS.  

As a practical golf model "4 Foundations & 2 Parallel Moves"  emerge as the "6 Essentials" needed to play golf at its highest levels of excellence! 

Available to Teachers, Students & Researchers Free of Charge, Hogan's Cube Makes Visible The 3-D Laws That Govern & Unify Golf, All Sports, General Education & All Arts & Sciences.

                                       See DrDom's DVD #1 -- featured on site:  Hole # 10.

                                                                       "CUBIC  ARCHITECTURE

                                                 Shows Us The Swing... Teaches Us About Life!

                         Also See Mr. Hogan's Cubic "GOLF WINDOW" on our 13th Hole.

    As an unexpected fruit of Healthy Golf Research, Hogan's Cube not only details the 

     technical excellence of a golf swing but also offers a Universal Power Matrix of Life! 

                                                         Water, Salt, Sugar, Carbon, DNA and 

                                              all forms of Matter & Energy studied to date 

                                                                    appear "cubic" in origin!  

                                       As evident in the rendering "Load The Bow"  so too is 

                                                         Nature's Power Geometry of Golf! 

Clearly, Cubic Vision gives us a "New Pair Of Eyes" and it is with broad appreciation that we cite 

Mr. Hogan & Artist Anthony Ravielli for its contribution to help Advance Golf, General Education 

& All Arts & Sciences.

To illustrate how a swing can perform within its Natural Cubic Home, DrDom offers a completely 

"New View" of the  Hogan Swing in a  "GOLF WINDOW" that can map any swing or entity! 

Certainly, all great athletes in any sport could be introduced cubically. -- However, not even 

a Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Gretsky, Federer, Mickey Wright or even Tiger Woods could be

 expected to perform with "cubic precision" on each and every swing attempt! 

Nevertheless, Hogan's Cube offers Inherent Guidelines that apply to the hopes and dreams 

of all players in all sports, not to mention rewards we derive from advanced education in all 

Arts & Sciences. 

As such, DrDom envisions a future for Player Improvement that shines brighter than ever with 

more good news to come as Cubic Vision widens to include formal applications in Chemistry, 

Micro-Biology, Medicine, Pathology, Earth Science, Astro-Physics and all technologies as well. 

(Below, Kindly See DrDom's Note To Researchers.) 

Thank You For Reading & Welcome To The Discovery Of 

                                     HOGAN'S CUBE!

                  "As St. Andrews Is The Home Of Golf,

                     The 'Cube' Is Home Of The Swing!"


Note To Researchers. While it now seems evident that all entities in Nature may be viewed within a 

Universal & Unified 3-D Power Matrix, under-application of potential may be explained by the fact 

that 3-D Laws are generally invisible to the human eye! 

Given this, "Cubic Vision" as found in golf and elsewhere escapes notice even as it relates directly 

to the Origin, Composition & Behavior of the human body itself! Such as it appears, the finding of

"Cubic Vision" expands options re: data now unexplained or even judged random by researchers. 

In short, by "connecting the dots" that mark the Structure & Movement of Entities, a Cubic Matrix is 

likely to emerge! ...Needless to say, the implications of such General Hypothesis begs further study 

and may well confirm a Universal Law of "Cubic Spiral Progression" as current data would suggest! 

As DrDom may be of assistance in pursuing this line of research, feel free to use  our 

CONTACT PAGE -- 18th Hole -- Thank You.

HOGAN's CUBE -- 1995 -- Dominick Esposito, PhD "LOAD THE BOW"  -- Click Image For Live Video!

HOGAN's CUBE -- 1995 -- Dominick Esposito, PhD "LOAD THE BOW" -- Click Image For Live Video!