[8.] GOLF WINDOW --"Tying Things Together!"

There's Much To See In -- Ben Hogan's "GOLF WINDOW!"/ The "Cube" Ties All Things Together!


Take your time and explore all there is! -- You'll enjoy this important new finding! 

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Derivative of "HOGAN'S CUBE" (1995) GOLF WINDOW® offers a Power Matrix that ties things 

together and permits us to examine any swing as never before. Based on the Cubic Geometry 

of the body -- itself a new finding -- Healthy Golf Research also determines cubicity in basic 

elements of life (Water, Salt, Sugar & Carbon). -- So too are natural energies that abound:  

Water, Electrical, Chemical, Light, Atomic/Nuclear. 

To account for these "facts" a Unified Field Theory Of Nature -"Cubic Spiral Progression"-

represents a golf contribution to natural science made possible via study of Ben Hogan! 

His swing (like yours, mine and all others) derives from the DNA Cubic Root governing the

Structure & Function Of Our Being, and that of all natural entities!


Fortunate we are that Healthy Golf Research revealed these important new insights and 

hopeful other researchers and leaders will put this ever growing body of knowledge to 

proper use!

Allow me to offer regret that the GOLF WINDOW Geometry took so long to discover. 

Nevertheless, I am grateful to golf -- and to Mr. Hogan -- for the inspiration to play a 

"Better Game!" -- That's  How Research Started In The First Place!


** Why not "EXPAND THE IMAGE" and take a "CLOSER LOOK!"

** Kindly insert a small parallel Top Center (above blue dot) through Mr. Hogan's Arms!   

    This reflects the Upper Body Triangle Slope that "Mirrors" the ("30 - 60 - 90") 

    Major Hypotenuse to the ball!  ( Very Exciting When You See It! )


  This observation clearly indicates that the golfers' arms "Do Not" hang straight down!    

** "CLICK IMAGE" to visit our 13th Hole and see Mr. Hogan via 

      the "new pair of eyes" GOLF WINDOW provides!  -- "Quite Special!"



Draw Shoulder Through Arms/Hands. -- Line is "Parallel" to Major Hypotenuse! - CLICK TO SEE
Draw Shoulder Through Arms/Hands. -- Line is "Parallel" to Major Hypotenuse! - CLICK TO SEE