NATURE & GOLF -- It's All "CUBIC!"

 What's remarkable about time and space is that "all of it" is unified by a common "cubic" architecture

 that is also rooted in our own genetics and chemistry of life! The discovery of HOGAN's CUBE in 1995

 is testament to this. -- How else could a golfer "fit" so perfectly!  (See MORE Menu # 2 & 3)

Even more remarkable is that it took Swing Research of "Ben Hogan" to discover these facts and 

-- in the process -- formulate a Unified Field Theory of Cubic Spiral Progression (CSP) to explain 

the origin, development and even expansion of the great beyond. / Certainly, this bold new idea  

continues in research! -- In fact, recently discovered (2019)  is the adjacent suggestive image.


As noted, all chemistry of life appears "cubic" in origin: Water, Salt, Sugar, Carbon and all forms of 

energy fit the model; and whether we realize it or not, so is our DNA Skeletal Frame inclusive of all

Movement Mechanics & Dynamics! ...The formulation of the GOLF WINDOW offers clear evidence

 of this. Even the early pyramids and more recent art visionaries offer similar analytic inroads. As a 

 matter of fact, it is clear that Cubes Are Ubiquitous In Nature, and may well be at its very root! 

Unlikely as it may seem, we owe all of this new cubic insight to the study of "golf" and, most especially,

to the years Mr. Hogan devoted to developing swing facts, concepts and principles that emerged from 

the actual process of "digging in dirt" to improve his swing!

But perhaps most remarkable of all is that one major person in the final stage of his life found 

interest in studying the formal properties of cubes. ... My guess is that had our friend "Albert"

lived a bit longer or pursued "golf" with the passion that drove yours truly, the cubic findings of 

Healthy Golf Research would have been discovered by him long before. But surely I am grateful 

that Dr. Einstein left  a little "dirt" so that Mr. Hogan and I could ponder a bit and have some fun!


Suggestive of "Cubic Spiral Progression" in DNA -- Emanating from Center Cube/ Artist Unknown.

Suggestive of "Cubic Spiral Progression" in DNA -- Emanating from Center Cube/ Artist Unknown.

Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space

A featured exhibit at the world famous Hayden Planetarium, (built after DrDom's Unified Theory  of 

CUBIC SPIRAL PROGRESSION/1995), the CUBE & SPHERE are constructed outside at side walk level

where everyone can see!  Of course, most folks focus on the sphere inside the cube.  ...That's fine

because the two relate perfectly in geometry! 

Museum Director is Astrophysicist, Dr. Neil de Grasse Tyson. --Why not visit the Planetarium located 

on famous Central Park West in NYC! -- Learn more about our world and worlds beyond!

** Do you know that a "DIAMOND" (which happens to be "cubic")  is really "Carbon Under Pressure"

 for billions of years! -- Check it on Google. -- IT"S TRUE!