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Ben Hogan & Ken Venturi / CBS Interview: 1983

The Discovery of Hogan's Cube Is Dedicated To Mr. Ken Venturi. 


In the late 1980's when I served as Swing Coach for a Blind Golfer who benefited greatly from

Ken's encouragement, I requested a meeting to verify anatomical findings that later formalized 

in video for Mr. Hogan as "Bi-Axis Golf Swing" The Hidden Power In You!  

What's special about the meeting is that Ken invited me to his Home Course at Eagle Creek and

there gave my findings his complete undivided attention.  

Upon completing my presentation of the Bi-Axis Model, I asked of Ken's impression to which he

 replied ...  "Doc, It Has A Lot Of Merit."  

Such assurance from a US Open Champion was more than sufficient to further my anatomical

geometric studies that led to the discovery of HOGAN's CUBE  [and much later] GOLF WINDOW,


"HI--LO" Trigger/ "3 Point Takeaway and, to this day, advances Healthy Golf Swing Research.

I am also indebted to Mr. Venturi for referring my research to Mr. Hogan's personal attention.  

--Rare indeed for a no-name like me to receive  such audience!  

Although I've not imposed other formal work on Mr. Venturi's time, I would like everyone in golf to

know how important Ken's encouragement was to the further development of my work and to

whatever contribution may extend to help advance the game, its players and research in the general sciences. 

Of course, I much regret that Ken, Mr. Hogan & Anthony Ravielli aren't with us to join in celebrating

Hogan's Cube and other findings, I am hopeful with "Cubic Vision" likely to become a formal part of Golf Theory & Instruction, these icons of the game will remain closer to us than ever before. 

Dominick Esposito, PhD 

Swing Analyst & Founder: Hogan's CUBE -"Nature's Architecture" Hidden In Every Player!  

     -- And via CONTINUING  RESEARCH --  

 GOLF WINDOW -- Hogan's "TWIST" -- Hogan's GRIP "45" DIAGONALS, ARCH PUTTING, Principle 

   "45 CONVERGENCE", "HI--LO" Trigger & "3 POINT TAKEAWAY". 

** To hear Raymond Floyd & Ken Venturi tell the "MIRACLE STORY" of the 1964 U.S, Open. 

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HOGAN's CUBE -- (1995) -- Dominick Esposito, PhD./ Dedicated To: -- KEN VENTURI --
HOGAN's CUBE -- (1995) -- Dominick Esposito, PhD./ Dedicated To: -- KEN VENTURI --

(2 of 4) --Ken Venturi Winning 1964 US OPEN

 If it wasn't for Mr. Venturi's favorable review of my early research in the late 1980s, there would not be Healthy Golf Research, Hogan's Cube, GOLF WINDOW and all findings that demonstrate the "Cubic Science" that now lead Golf Instruction into the future. 

**Special Thanks To Mr. Jim Nantz of CBS Sports for trying to assist. 

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Nice Job By Jimmy Roberts.

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