A. (1 of 2 ) JACK NICKLAUS: Part 1

Early critics focused on Jack's so-called Flying Elbow! But unnoticed is Hogan's:

 A. Front Foot @ 30; B. Shaft Angle @ 45; 

C. 45 Semi-Pronation of Back Forearm at TOS; & 

D. Jack's Sky High Liberty Finish! 

Jack studied Mr. Hogan quite closely and 



Was A Personal Friend of Ben Hogan! -- 


 I "wore out" Jack's Video --GOLF MY WAY -- 

when first learning the swing! 

Jack Is A "Great Teacher!"

A. (2 of 2) JACK NICKLAUS: Part 2

Here Mr. Nicklaus does an excellent job demonstrating the importance of having "ONE SWING" -- regardless of 

Club Length -- "PARALLEL UP & DOWN". ...Of course,  with this principle players can adapt and "create swings" 

that match unusual situations and contours encountered during a round of play! ...This Is Particularly True When

Playing From Bunkers! -- See Below (Sec. "I") The Special Bunker Demo Of "GARY PLAYER & ERNIE ELS!" 


  If you are looking for "ONE LESSON" FOR YOUR LIFE IN GOLF, spend  "4 Minutes" with the great Byron Nelson! 

"Lord Bryon" hit it LONG & STRAIGHT & still holds the record for the most consecutive wins on Pro Tour: "11" in 1945! 

Shortly thereafter he bought a Ranch in Texas & Retired. -- Still remember how much I enjoyed his "TV Commentary!"

C. "LADIES GOLF" Featuring MAJOR CHAMPION -- Mickey Wright!

Here we have the great Mickey Wright -- pioneer of the Ladies Game and winner of "13" Major Championships and "82" Pro Events! ...Ben Hogan believed her swing to be the very "best" and so did her competitors! ... Critical to observe is that her fundamentals are the same as those published in the Five Lessons; and Ms. Wright never  suggested otherwise. ... Certainly this is the same conclusion reached in all Healthy Golf DVDs!


This is a wonderful COMPREHENSIVE LESSON  given by the great GARY PLAYER! -- Listen Carefully (Particularly From The "7 Minute Mark") & GIVE VERY CLOSE ATTENTION TO "TAKEAWAY DETAILS!

** Also Notice The "HOGAN TWIST" At Top of Swing! -- The Hidden 45 Degree Semi-Pronation In Golf!

** Notice Special Appreciation For The Great "BOBBY JONES" Also Much Respected By Jack Nicklaus!


Here we have the great Annika Sorenstam (93 Wins/10 Majors) helping us understand that a Simple Takeaway is a Major Key to  develop a solid repeating swing! -- Note  mention of the Hogan "Waggle!"  **There is a great deal to see in this short video lesson. For example, notice: 

A. Neutral Grip; B. Knees "not" wider than the Shoulders; and C. the "Erect Stance!"

These TRUE FUNDAMENTALS are practiced by all great players -- WOMEN -"&"- MEN! 

F. AUGUSTA -- During A Practice Round For The MASTERS!

"RARE TREAT!"  **Use your "PAUSE/ST STOP CONTROL " to get a real good look!  / 

Special Thanks to Herman Williams for providing this exceptional video.

*By the way, the 2013 Winner was "Adam Scott" via the Playoff with Angel Cabrera who Birded 18 to get in!

G. TIGER WOODS: Performance History -- "4 STAGES"

Now that Tiger is in Stage "4" and again performing golf "MAGIC" it's a good time to review what got him 

back! First, his Dad & Butch Harmon did a super job building Tiger Talent making him virtually unbeatable. 

Then came the Haney years, also very good. Next came the "Foley Fiasco!" Agonizing to watch; more painful to perform; and ending in Spinal Fusion! ...At Valspar, 2018, we see a Revitalized Tiger Swing that promises 

to keep him "Out Of The Woods! -- LET'S HOPE: "OUT FOR GOOD!"     


            "EFFECTIVE SAND PLAY" can much inform your swing and shot choices "AROUND THE GREENS!" 

                            Watch Mr. Player & Els  & Remember: "The More You Practice, The Luckier You Get!" 

                       This Is Especially True When Working From Deep Bunkers & Severe Greenside Slopes!

H-2 of 2-- Pete Cowen & Roger Cleveland --BUNKER/SAND PLAY!

"GREAT LESSONS" by two outstanding teachers of the game! -- Very Much Worth Your Time. --  "ENJOY!"

I. "WHAT PRO" Would YOU Like To See Next ?

Use Our "Q&A" Contact Page ("18th Hole") To Express Your Wishes! 




1. The Jones Hands "TURN at the TOP" that forms a FIGURE "8"  -- and

2. The Nicklaus Club -- "PARALLEL & STRAIGHT UP" -- At The TOP OF SWING & FINISH!


J. Karstan Solheim -- Changed Everything!

He loved golf and decided to design a well balanced putter to help on the Greens! -- The rest is history. -- ENJOY!

K. The Magnificent "MO"

Here is a good look at the Canadian Legend, Mo Norman. ...Stripped to its roots, Mo gripped the club 

Full Hand; assumed a wide "planted" stance; took it back to Parallel and moved Parallel Forward through.  

"Mo's One Plane Swing" included the "45" Convergence @ TOS! His legend lives on at Graves Institute 

& Mo's Clinics are on YouTube. --"Have A Look!" Basic "Archery Method" - Parallel Back & Parallel Through. 

**Mo's "BACK" Tells The Story! "Phenomenal Ball Striker!" /  Very Nice Tribute Video.

L. EQUIPMENT "SCIENCE" -- What You Need To Know.

There's no getting around it: "Equipment Makes A Difference" and no one knew it better than Ben Hogan, who founded his own Equipment Company soon after retiring from Tournament Play. HOWEVER,  too often players rely on new clubs to produce good scores and this they cannot do! Nevertheless, all players need equipment that "fits" personal size and strength, not to mention "Solid Swing Fundamentals" with sound repeating mechanics! Also: 

"Knowing The Science" Can Help To Hit The Shots! -- Enjoy!   

M. Hogan Wedges Play Better! --ALL HANDICAPS -- "NO CONTEST"

Regardless of Handicap, golfers rarely get a chance to "TEST WEDGES" head to head! 

                                        Results reported here do not surprise me at all! 

           I've played Hogan Wedges for "decades" and still haven't found any better!

                                                                      "TRY THEM & ENJOY!" 

N. Miguel Jimenez --"STRETCH WARM UP!"

In Shape At "48!"  -- This is  the "Stretch Routine"

                   Miguel Jimenez actually uses, 

  although he likely adds and subtracts at will.

  See My Variation --"One Minute Warm Up!" 

                              -- Mimi Article #6 --

O. Tiger @ Peak -- Highlight Reel of "Routine Stuff"

No matter how many times you happen to see Tiger hitting great shots, his Putting Talent "Amazes!" 

This is Tiger performing at his best. Having lived through his career, future students will be amazed 

at Tiger's "Routine Stuff!"  ...On the Green at his peak, no one could Read & Execute better! -- Enjoy! 

P. Brandt Snedecker's "59!"

 Rarely -- "if ever" -- do we get the chance to see "every single shot" in achieving an historic score!  

What we have here is exactly that! -- Looks rather simple, doesn't it? -- Not "perfect" to be sure. 

But on August 16, 2018 at the WYNDHAM CHAMPIONSHIP -- "WHAT A RESULT!" --ENJOY!