3 B. (A-1 of 2) -- PAIGE SPIRANAC -- "GREAT SLO-MO!"

Rare Graphic Featuring LPGA Player in "great" slo-mo"  ...Nice Commentary.

In Photo Below, NOTE HANDS @ TOS! -- Specifically: Player's Back Hand & Forearm Are Positioned "PERFECTLY"4

To Return The Club "SQUARE" To The Ball! -- See How Hands & Wrist Positions Relate To The CLUB FACE ANGLE!

MOST IMPORTANT -- Back Hand Position Indicates The Forearm "Reverse Spiral" Has Occurred!  -- This Is The


3 B. (A-2 of 2) --Paige Spiranac "SIMPLE" LESSON on "SHORT

In just "2 Minutes" Paige give us as good a Short Game Lesson as there is.

"NOTICE" that for all "3 Shots" her Body Balance is "FORWARD!" -- "GREAT JOB!"

C. Hogan & Venturi -- CBS Interview -- 1983

I caught this interview "live" and during the interview Mr. Hogan made the statement that golf was all about 

"IMPROVEMENT!" This explains why he worked so hard on his game and on tournament days he always played

                                   "2 ROUNDS!" ... The first on the Practice Tee & the second on the course!

**No One Knew This Until Many Years Later After His Retirement. -- Talk About Hogan's "SECRET!" -- Enjoy. 

D. "SWEETEST SWINGS EVER" --"TOP 20" -- Guess #1 ?

Everyone will enjoy this video "very much!" -- For a simple way to Study & Compare, use a straight edge. 

    Rear Perspective -- Place edge exactly at the Back Heel 

    Face Perspective -- Place edge inside Back Foot.

After doing your "Homework" take another look at our GOLF WINDOW and re-discover why the 

Hogan Swing should forever be the "STANDARD MODEL" for Golf Instruction! ... and it even comes

with a "Masterpiece" of a book: FIVE LESSONS.

Of course, HealthyGolf.net is proud to contribute to Mr. Hogan's Legacy ... DrDom 


E. Johnny Miller on Hogan -- My Response To Johnny On YouTube.

Comment Left By DrDom On YouTube.

Johnny Miller is absolutely "CORRECT!" -- To learn more about Mr. Hogan's "CUBIC SWING" visit  HealthyGolf.net New "Scientific Insights" include GOLF WINDOW & SWING "FIXES" @ 45 that pertain to the Grip & Back Forearm. 

**Enjoy Website For More New Research To Appreciate! -- Especially "GOLF WINDOW" -- 13th Hole. 


This video should put a smile on your face. -- Like yours truly, I'm sure you've had a few "great" Up & Downs! 

**   -- "ENJOY  THESE!"

G. Gary Player -- Talk About "NEVER" Giving Up!

Gary Player v Tony Lema  --"Great Comeback"-- 1965 World Match Play Final.

With 17 Holes to play and 7 Down, Gary Player comes back to beat the sadly missed Tony Lema.

Tony had just won the Open in 1964 at St Andrews. --  Died in a plane crash shortly after.  

Note Gary Player's "ARCH GRIP" With "BOTH HANDS!" -- See Our "5" MASTER  KEYS!

As observed many times, even great players can't say exactly what makes the swing work!

** Hence, the need for research to benefit "everyone!" --  See Our "5" MASTER KEYS / Home Page.

H. HORTON SMITH -- One Of The Early "GREATS!"

Longevity Has Its Place --- But so does great play and a legacy that made Tiger Woods possible. 

A man to be admired for his great play,  and enjoyed for his gentle manner. 

-- Winner Of The "1st" MASTERS, and then a Second Win "2 Years Later!" 

I. JIMMY DEMARET -- At Age Of "72" Remembering The "Early Days!"

Wonderful to hear Mr. Demaret recall the days when it all started in Texas. -- 3 Time Winner of the Masters and 

legendary announcer with Gene Sarazen who hosted "Shell's Wonderful World Of Golf!" -- Great Player who was

a good friend of Ben Hogan. Taught him how to play the stiff winds of Texas! -- Key Ideas:  "The Swing Is The Thing!" 

-&- The Downswing Is Like "Pulling Down A Window Shade." - Jimmy passed on within the year after this Interview. 

-- Still Missed & Worthy Of Your Time. -- Big Proponent of The Senior "Legends Tournament". / -- "Colorful Guy!"


Love to listen to a "Great Player" sharing a few stories "and" passing along a few "CENTRAL IDEAS"

to help your swing along! -- One thing's for sure, if Gay was in the mix, winning would not be easy!

-- Enjoy this pleasant chat with Gay. -- He's the man who "Straightened Out" Freddie Couples!

** Try Gay's "CUP" Idea for Freddie.  ... You may find it "QUITE HELPFUL!" ... "Freddie Did!"


Rarely do we get the chance to "check" an idea pasted along to young player who went on have a long and distinguished career on the Regular & Senior Tours. -- Take a look at Freddie in lots of Slow-Mo and see the

"great info" that was passed along to him by "Gay Brewer". -- Looks like Freddie never forgot it!

L. Tiger & Jason "Trading Bunker Ideas"

You'll probably not get a better clinic hearing Tiger Woods & Jason Day trading ideas about Bunker Play!

--- Let's tune in and have a listen!